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Palio di Siena 16 Agosto 2019 il mio racconto Fotografico

Foto Palio Siena 2019 BLOG DI GABRIELE FORTI:

Cade un canape , una corda ben intrecciata, possente, ed ecco tutto si anima ….ho sempre pensato che bastano tre giri di piazza per intrecciare come fa un tessitore i fili colorati di una grande corda che servirà per l’anno successivo….. i variopinti cavalli e fantini si muvono nel tufo intecciando movimenti e traiettorie, avvolgono idealmente un nuovo canape che ha l’anima dei colori di contrada …da quell’intreccio di colori (gli stessi che contiene lo spettro della luce) nascerà un’altro canape che cadrà alla successiva Mossa rinnovandosi. Cosi dove muore una corsa è già pronto qualcosa che ne farà vivere un’altra…un nuovo canape, una nuova carriera. Felice e onorato sempre di immortalare la corsa più bella al mondo: il Palio di Siena!

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Corteo Storico Palio Straordinario 2018
23 Corteo storico palio di Siena
sfilata 1 Corteo storico palio di Siena
Not only Cavalli, Extraordinary Palio 2018

Historic Procession of the Extraordinary Palio 2018 all the photo gallery of the flagship of this beautiful party. The historical procession enters Piazza del Campo at the first toll of the “Sunto”, the bell on the Torre del Mangia. Seventeen pairs of flag bearers – flag holders – stopping at the established points of the square and following the roll of the drums perform the “flag bearers” that culminate in the spectacular final “rise” .. The central point of the parade is the passage of the carroccio, modern counterpart of the triumphal chariot of the Republic on which the Palio is, a painted silk drape, a career award. For a total of almost seven hundred. For more information please visit For the purchase of photos do not hesitate to contact me

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Palio di Siena Straordinario 20 ottobre 2018 corsa e Giubilo della Tartuca
cencio Tartuca giubilo palio straordinario siena
Extraordinary Palio of Siena 10 contrada 1 only victorious and La Tartuca

on October 20th 208 extraordinary Palio di Siena was held. In the beautiful Piazza del Campo, in honor of the end of the Great War, the district of the Tartuca was victorious. 10 the participating districts but only one winner. Honored to be able to photograph the Race of the Palio from the curve of San Martino, I thank Consortium for the Protection of the Palio of Siena and the Corriere di Siena. Below are photos of the Drapple of the Carabinieri on horseback, the Parade of the Bersaglieri, the Historical Procession, the Race of the extraordinary Palio and the Giubilo della Tartuca. For the purchase of photos you can contact me at

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prova generale palio straordinario
Prova generale palio straordinario
Carica Carabinieri a Cavallo
La Prova generale del palio straordinario di Siena

Prova generale Palio Straordinario 19 Ottobre 2018 la foto gallery molto emozionante la carica dei Carabinieri a Cavallo che accompagna con grande attesa la Prova Generale. Sono dieci le contrade estratte per correre il Palio di Siena straordinario. Si tratta di: Torre, Lupa, Chiocciola, Oca, Drago, Tartuca, Selva, Civetta, Nicchio, Giraffa. A seguire la prova Generale della corsa delle Contrade che con emozioni uniche preparano la Piazza al giorno, tanto atteso, dal popolo delle contrade

Si ringrazia 

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Palio di Siena Straordinario prove
cavalli Palio straordinario ottobre 2018
Palio di Siena le prove
Palio di Siena Straordinario prove

Palio di Siena Straordinario prove che precedono la corsa che si terrà il 20 ottobre nella magica Piazza del Campo. Tutti con il fiato sospeso in attesa delle performance delle accoppiate. Online la gallery completa delle varie prove  che in questi giorni hanno dato vita a un atmosfera magica in questa città pulsa per questa festa unica al modo. 10 le contrate che parteciperanno alla corsa del 20 ottobre.

Si ringrazia il Consorzio per la tutela del Palio di Siena 

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Choreography of the Carabinieri’s squad 2018

SIENA, 16th August 2018

In the tense silence that anticipates the last test before the great event, in Piazza del “Campo” resounds a solemn trampling of hooves, but much more ordered and calm than the frenetic pace of the horses of the “contrade”. And here with an elegant gait, in a whirlwind of red-blue plumes, the squad of the Carabinieri makes its appearance, and after a round of inspection, they head towards the most illustrious officers  of the Palio.

Here, after a moving and distinguished salute to the authorities, the military begin their grandiose choreography proceeding initially with an elegant trot and then, launched at the sign of the commander, in a quick and courtly gallop with the ceremonial swords unsheathed to the light of the sun under the general ovations of the crowd ready to acclaim them for the incredible tribute that the “Arma of Carabinieri” offers to the city of Siena for the second consecutive year.

carica del drappello dei carabinieri 2018

Carica del drappello dei Carabinieri 2018

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First Test of Palio di Siena 2018

SIENA, 13th August 2018

In “Piazza Del Campo”, people start to gather behind the barriers creating a mix of colors, voices and emotions in a place  where competition and excitement mix, a place that in the period of the “Palio di Siena” becomes a symbol of the union of a city. Despite the fact that it is only a test, the tension felt in the air is palpable. At this precise moment, desires, hopes and thoughts start to crowd in the minds of the thousands of spectators and “contradaioli”, the beating heart of the Palio and the city.

The rope falls and so the horses leave; running faster and faster, kicking away the layer of tuff covering the square and overcoming the opponents. Finally the last lap arrives, the jockeys are getting closer and closer to the finish line, people acclaim them, encouraging them more than ever. The horses are launched in the last daring climb, hoping to reassemble or revolutionize this first standings that will see only one district victorious.

The first day of the Palio di Siena comes to the end.

palio di siena

Prima Prova Palio di Siena 2018

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Dinner of the Victory of the 2017 Wave Palio di Siena
Cena della vittoria dell’Onda Palio Siena 16 Agosto 2017
Gallery della Serata

A great honor to attend the dinner of the Victory of the Wave of the Palio of Siena on August 16, 2017, in the Gallery you will find all the most significant shots of this beautiful party. For info on the photos you can contact me at my email All rights reserved © A big thank you to David for the beautiful shots. credit

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La Corsa “Palio di Siena 16 Agosto 2017”

Not a highly competitive race but a top-point competition that looks at the Palio Marian beauty dress that is the perfect rebirth symbol for a whole county crowd. The Palio of Siena is synonymous with victory and regeneration. I understood it in the silence that anticipates the race, which in no way is different from the threshold that divides a world from that within which it is reborn. In the silence flowers all hope of life and victory. A silence that is the suspension of heartbeats; Shortly afterwards, the galloping of horses marks the heartbreaking heartbeat of a whole square coexisted like the tuff’s sand she is dressed. It is a turbine of unbeatable strength and emotion, but within the precise boundaries of a track that is one of the rarest in the world. In this beauty amateur the voices of jubilation are a “Wave” of happiness that is called victory. It’s the Palio of Siena!

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Momenti di Palio Siena 16 Agosto 2017

The face of the Palio of Siena is that of the emotions of those who animate it. The Peoples of Contrda are the voice and color of an event that paradoxically has little outside and much interior. I have seen and perceived in the eyes of man and woman the strength of passion and the most genuine feeling, in a word I saw the life of the Sienese souls offered to the Palio as the tuff offers compactness to the hoofs of the strongest horses Beautiful of a race. A year of preparations and hopes consumed in the joy and tension of a handful of a few days, those who preceded the race, in the photos I took, I first defined the photos of a timeless sacred rite: Il Palio di Siena.

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