Gabriele Forti – 16/01/1980

At the edge of one the most beautiful landscape of the world, the Val d’Orcia area, at the base of Monte Amiata, surrounded by enchanting nature, not too far from the historic hamlet of Piancastagnaio, the Photography Studio of Gabriele Forti is born.

Immersed in the beauty of the Province of Siena, where he was born and grew up, he started from the youth to use the camera with sensibility and elegant attitude paying attention to an artistic research. The photography for Gabriele Forti is a lifestyle choice; He bravely abandoned the university and purchased the expensive professional photography gear. With enthusiasm he established a Photo Studio, declaring war to the narrowness of a tiny village in the mountains. He started his adventure only with a certainty: taking picture!

Under the guidance of the Sienese photography master, Bruno Bruchi, he gained and refined his photography technique which soon will be improved and connected to a natural artistic sensibility.

In the early stage of his professional career Gabriele Forti traveled through the East making reportages; before visiting Thailand, later in the United States.

Gabriele want to capture and hold onto the photographic plate the deepest and purest human feelings of those who choose to take part to his artwork; He trace through the photography the shadows of people in front of his lens; He does it with a high sense of responsibility, because he is conscious to borrow a precious image, which like words, can communicate something important and crucial to the conscience of future observers. Just as there are syntax rules that create sentences from words, giving them a sense of clarity and beauty to the language, it also exist a grammar of shapes that organize harmoniously the different part of the image.

In the photography shapes are the result of a mix of light and shadow, through which the artist-photographer can disclose the reality, its beauty and its universal relevance. In the photographic art of Gabriele Forti this harmonic language become communication and excitement, a perfect balance between technical and expressiveness skills. Undeniable the cathartic power of some of his photo shoots where the photographer stands out for the essence: an artist capable both to raise powerful emotions and to enhance the most intimate and private feelings looking for something beautiful and eternal. Wasn’t the great American photographer W. Eugene Smith to urge important reflection asking: “What a depth of field is made for if there is not an appropriate depth of feeling?”. Well, Gabriele Forti has this depth and he made this his main communication tool through which he generated in the observer a real sense of harmony and truth.

Dr. Stefano Andrei