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Low on Intellectual Property, Copyright.

The intellectual property is the first right of creators, artists and inventor. This right subtend every creation and it born with the creation of the artwork. The Copyright, may assume in some case specific descriptions (brands, patents of invention and so on) or it can be the only right that an artwork could have (texts, projects, songs, content of websites, ideas, paintings, photos, logos and much more). There is always the possibility to protect it by the use of Copyright, which should presents evidences, achievable through the deposit.

Copyright: in short

Copyright exist from the creation of an artwork. It means that you have automatically a right as author of the work, provided that it is unpublished or unreleased yet. In practice the author has to prove the copyright, through evidences or test tools necessary to attest that you, creators or artists, are the real authors of the artwork. The deposit has the aim to tie absolutely and unquestionably between: -creator (author) – creation (artwork, texts, imagine, website, projects, …) – firm date. On condition that the art work is original.

Grandfather and Grandfathering proof

Grandfather rights represent the key element of the Copyright. Show grandfathering of an artwork help you demonstrate that you are the first one to create the work. It is possible to prove the grandfathering thanks to the evidence of the firm date, caught in the moment of the deposit that cannot be questioned because done by a public officer (authentic instrument or recognition of deposit record by a notary or an officer of justice).

Creation + firm date = evidence of grandfathering. provides the grandfathering’s evidence thanks to the deposit done by the author (you), who records his own creation (an art work, literary or artistic) with precaution for the deposit impossible to falsify: – digital signature – electronic time stamping –deposited with officer of justice – encryptions system – protected data storage. represents the right solution for your deposit and for the protection of lntellectual Property.